Institutional Capacity Assessment. YAPPIKA has been experienced for seven years in carrying out the institutional capacity assessment using multiple tools such as the Organizational Development Snap Shot Tool (ODST), NGOs Transparency (TANGO), and the tools we developed on our own, namely the Organizational Capacity Performance and Assessment Tool (OCPAT). With OCPAT and ODST, YAPPIKA has assessed more than 100 nonprofit organizations in Indonesia since 2009 until today. The results of these assessments have been reviewed systematically to seek the lessons learned about the capacity of Indonesian nonprofit organizations and the institutional capacity development model that is built based on the practices of these organizations.

Grant funds management YAPPIKA has been experienced in managing large amounts of grant funds from 1991 and has worked with more than 300 partners in various regions in Indonesia. YAPPIKA has experience in managing grant funds from CIDA (now DFATD), UNDP, USAID, and AusAID (now DFAT).

Network management. YAPPIKA has been experienced in managing national advocacy networks. The networks that had been managed are the NGO Coalition for the Foundations Bill, the Coalition for Participatory Policy (KKP), and the Acehnese Democratic Network (JDA). Advocacy networks that have been managed until now are the Community Care for Public Services (MP3) and the Coalition for Freedom of Association (KKB).

Facilitation. YAPPIKA has been experienced in conducting facilitation, which is guiding activities to achieve the expected goals. The activities that have been facilitated YAPPIKA are the institutional or networks strategic planning workshop, development program workshops, national meetings, the preparation of financial SOP as had been done for DFID, KPSHK, ODI, Rahima, Pelangi Indonesia Foundation, the partners of The Asia Foundation, and others.

Civil Society Health Research. YAPPIKA has been experienced in conducting research to assess the health of civil society in the region, both national and district/municipality levels using the Civil Society Index (IMS) tool developed by CIVICUS. Since 2004 – 2013, YAPPIKA has been regularly assessing the civil society health in 16 districts/municipalities. The results of these assessments are used as the baseline data, monitoring, and evaluation of programs developed by ACCESS – DFAT in their work areas.

Consultation. YAPPIKA has been quite experienced in conducting public consultations for an organization that wants to develop a program and organizational strategies. YAPPIKA consulting services have been provided to CIDA, FKKM, DFID, and Pikul Foundation for the development of institutional structures. Consultation for the institutional capacity building has been provided to the partners of IRD/USAID SERASI Program for the institutional financial management. Consultancy services to evaluate a program have been provided once to BAPPENAS/UNDP for the international assistance evaluation for the 2009 election.