#SafeSchool (#SekolahAman)

Babay, a 2nd grade student from Banten Province, likes to socialize with his classmates. He also loves to study. Still, he is afraid of going to school.

When being asked about the reason, he gives a simple answer, “My friends and I are afraid that our classroom will collapse.”

Babay is not alone. This is a real problem for 1 in 8 children in Indonesia. A lot of classrooms broke down and hit the children. Many of them suffered serious injuries. In few cases they even died. The right to education has been flawed in Indonesia. Millions of children are in danger every day because their schools are not repaired and threatened to collapse. In addition, most of these schools do not have toilet, which often becomes a health problem. Access to the school is also difficult because the road is dangerous and there is no decent transportation. Unfortunately, this lurking emergency is not a government priority. One of six elementary school classrooms is in a critical condition. Given the amount of budget allocated for repairing schools, it may take almost 20 years to repair. This is unacceptable. It is time to act. The government has to take actions immediately.

Together, we can save the lives of Babay and millions of other children. Please sign this petition and urge the government to take actions, now!
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