YAPPIKA is a non-profit organization in Indonesia since 1991 that works towards establishment of civil society that is independent in its efforts for democracy and human rights. In the mid of 2016, YAPPIKA joined ActionAid International Federation, a global organization, working with over 15 million people in 45 countries for a world free from poverty and injustice.
In 2016, YAPPIKA-ActionAid started fundraising activities through various channels to support its program related to education and health. Corporate Partnership, as one of YAPPIKA-ActionAid’s fundraising activities, provides the opportunity for the private sector to involve in education and health program. To be successful, this partnership needs a thorough research first, to have the profile of market corporate giving for non-profit mission in Indonesia.
Through this market research survey on corporate giving, YAPPIKA can work more effective in partnership with company in a joint efforts to support the education and health program that aimed for a healthy and bright future of Indonesia’s next generation.
It expected that the Consultant can bring the data and resourceful information of the corporate giving profile in Indonesia, which can assist YAPPIKA-ActionAid to have the right candidates who have the spirit and mission to develop education and health quality for Indonesia.
Scope of Market Research
This is the things to cover within the market research on Corporate Giving, but not limited, on the following items. The Consultant has to conduct research and analyze secondary data, having first data using questionnaire as well as in depth interview.
1. Corporate profile:
? General profile: business sector, performance in profit making (compare to all companies, compare to similar business core, reputation)
? The history of corporate giving: the program the company supports through corporate giving (in any form), why they are interested in the program, the size of the corporate giving in the last 3 years, what kinds of impact the program that the company has been supporting, award the company has achieved if any (Proper, CSR Award, Sustainability Report, etc., national and international level).
? The corporate giving name, the policy reference for the corporate giving, and department/division in charge: CSR program, community development program, program sponsor, community relation program, etc. which is under the certain policy of the company, and the profile of the department/division in charge (what is the name of the division, organizational structure, what kinds of expertise the staff have, etc.)
? Elaborate the history of corporate giving
The implementing agency: who execute the corporate giving (the company, the company specific department/division, company’s foundation), etc.
Partnership: company in collaboration with others: (local hero, community group, NGO, cooperative, university, local government, etc.),
Location: geographical area of program have been supported, reason to choose the location,
Approach in implementation: participatory approach or top down, joint efforts, or mainly depends on company’s support, regular monitoring, etc.
The beneficiaries and impacts: profile of beneficiaries of program, the impacts made, the challenges.
2. Corporate Giving Size to Non-Profit Organization
Regarding the policy
? What are the policy (policies) of the company toward corporate giving program to non-profit organization? Company’s policy, commitment and mission of corporate giving.
? Is there any guidelines to allocate budget for corporate giving? For example, follow the government regulation (BUMN) to support social and environmental program 2% of corporate profit.
? How the company allocate the budget for corporate giving?
Size of giving
? How much funds (value in IDR) in total the company allocate annual budget for charities (covered all program)? It can come from budget for CSR, Community Development/Relations, etc.
Note: charities can be in the form of sponsoring activities (cash), provides various services (training/capacity building, etc.), technical assistance (provides special expertise, channeling to strategic institution with all expenses covered, etc.)
? How much average gift for a single program delivered to a single non-profit organization? (please mention each program and size of the budget)
? If there is different budget for different program, please clarify why the budget allocation is different among program.
? Does the company support education and health program? What are the program actually (please describe in detail), who are the beneficiaries, where are the program implemented, what are the progress and impact so far, what are the challenges, how much the funding for each program in certain year
2. Corporate’s requirement:
? What are the requirements to have corporate giving of the company? Is non-profit organization can be considered as partner in conducting the program in education and health (eligibility criteria)
? Program: the funding size, the number of beneficiaries, the location, time bound
? Services needed from the non-profit organization (visibility of the corporate, reaching new customers, etc. explore further) – as the reward from partner to the company
? Tailor made program: interested in education and health program with its own criteria (please explore).
? Identify Other related potential opportunity (things that is not in their types of requirement, for example consultancy for their CSR program which possible to be provided by YAPPIKA-ActionAid)
? Timeline for the program (one year, three year, etc.)
? Reporting period and general format
? Legal/administrative aspect that should provide by the non-profit organization
3. The Corporate Giving in the near future
? What are their goal for corporate giving in 2018 – 2020? What are the priority which the company is compassionate to do? Where are the location the company expect to work on?
? Types of corporate giving (CSR, sponsorship, cost related marketing, etc.)
4. Competitor analysis
? Identify the trend of size corporate giving, the type of implementation (conducted by company itself, no partnership, company foundation, partnership with certain organization, please describe)
? Identify the organization of the partner (if company conducts the program under partnership) – individual (local hero), local civil society group, cooperative, NGO (what kinds of NGO, please describe), university, local government, combination
? Requirements that should be complied by partner organization
? Challenges working under partnership according to the company
? Expectation of the partner organization (explore)
Various Type of Corporate Business Sector
1. Telecommunications
2. Banking and finance institutions
3. Consumers and food industries
4. Retail stores
5. Automotive
6. Pharmacy
Period of Consultancy
December 2017 – Mid February 2018
The Report
The report should be resourceful, with practical recommendations for YAPPIKA-ActionAid to have list of the most promising companies to be the partner in education and health program, with strong justification.
The report is expected as easy and interesting one, using power point, which can be easy to absorb.
Email for application: office@yappika-actionaid.or.id
(CC to thoriq.helmi@yappika-actionaid.or.id & sri.indiyastutik@yappika-actionaid.or.id)
CODE for application: MRC
Deadline for sending the application: 27 November 2017
No correspondence during application process