F2F City Coordinator Surabaya

Direct Supervisor : F2F National Coordinator
Direct Report : F2F Admin City

Works with : Public Campaigners, Team Leaders, F2F Operation Officer, F2F Event and Venue Management Officer
Location : Surabaya

Position Summary:

This role is to recruit, team management, set goals, site management bookings and strategy for the F2F team operation in Surabaya. The person in this role will spend 50% of their working hours in Fundraiser venue site, dealing with mall management, working with Team Leaders and Fundraisers in the site on a daily basis.

Key Performance Areas and Main Responsibilities:

F2F Team City Performance:
• Ensure the new committed donors goals in the city are 100% achieved each month and it reflects in achieving Sign Up / day target for the city. The City Coordinator will be evaluated every 3 months, if she/he fails to deliver targets, City Coordinator will get opportunity for the next 3 (three) following months. If still not achieving the target, City Coordinator will be in warning periods that can cause demotion for the continuous fail in a agreed timeline.
• Ensure the quality of the result is below 20% attrition rate in every month
• Ensure the staff quota are meeting their objectives in the recruitment plan agreed with F2F Coordinator

2. Staff Recruitment:

• Planning, implementing and monitoring recruitment plan to meet team quota objectives
• Perform interview process to challenge and recruit good candidates and filter out weak candidates
• Perform group presentation or one on one interview to hired the quality staff

3. Staff and Leadership Development:
• Hiring suitable staff based on the objectives and qualification requirement
• Reinforcing standards and expectations regularly and setting objectives for performance with each staff person and giving feedback on the performance
• Reviewing team performance on a daily and weekly basis and create action plan to help staff to boost up their performance
• Develop and facilitate team meetings and Team Leaders meeting agenda to provide program updates, performance review, build team morale, motivating staff and any organizational issues
• Develop and manage team motivation regularly to ensure the motivation of the team are in the high tone
• Cooperate with F2F National Coordinator to hire and train team leaders or senior fundraisers to regenerate the next leader from the team
• Ensure the development of the Team Leader and next leader development with a high focus on the field and leading by example. This role requires that City Coordinator to spend 70% of their working hours in the field to give feedback, coach and provide team analyzing
• Conduct performance appraisals for the team
• Represent and promote YAPPIKA-ActionAid with enthusiasm and professionalism, building and strengthening relationship with the team as appropriate
• Ensure the training schedule is implemented strategically within the team regularly.
• Supervise and lead the F2F City Administration to ensure he/she meet administration objectives

4. Site and Team Schedule Management:
• Responsible for bookings of a venue and negotiation process to gain access to new venue and ensure the venue provide the best chance of success for fundraising teams
• Create strategy and build good relationship with potential venue management from e.g. malls, groups, office, and other public space that can provide place for fundraising team to work and achieve new financial supporters.
• Develop, produce and update venue proposal or other packages for building a relationship with external such as shopping malls, office building or other public space to gain an access for F2F activity.
• Ensure that the image and core values of organization are well presented, in the term of building relationship with venue management.
• Manage on-going relationship with managers of private venue ensuring that the positive impact from YAPPIKA-ActionAid to fundraise on that site is known
• Working together with Trainer to organize and manage creative F2F events to boost up performance; this will involve carrying equipment to and setting equipment in and out the venue
• Working together with Trainer to monitor and analyses venue site and giving feedback to team leader to ensure that the teams are able to work strategically to adapt and maximize the venue type. The analyses come from the 70% of the working hours that being spent on the field.
• Analyze and monitor venue performance result
• Creating team schedule to ensure the team works strategically and full support in working together each other and to maximize the venue sites.
• Working together with F2F Event and Venue Management Officer for the F2F event in developing and implementation

5. Monitoring and Evaluation
• Leading the Administration officer to updating F2F Performance and ensure each of the team are well informed and aware with their result in daily, weekly and monthly basis
• Ensure the performance management system for the team is implemented on a daily basis, well monitor and follow up in a clear, measurable objectives, ongoing feedback, periodic reviews, fair and unbiased evaluation
• Ensure that high standards of performance, team value, and fundraising regulation and organization procedures are followed in the team.
• Recognition and rewards for outstanding performance in the team
• Establishing and maintaining team disciplines and performance level standards. Address all related issues in a timely and fair manner, including conducting a warning or termination process when necessary.
• Monitoring and tracking budget versus expenditure

6. Other:
Other assignment provided by line manager.
Essential Values, Behaviors and Skills:
• Excellent verbal communication
• Time, task and record management skills
• Ability to work independently without direct supervision
• Planning and evaluation skills
• Ability to analyze figures and make decisions based on information
• Mature and organized, with an attention to detail
• Direct marketing and relationship building experience
• Computer skills: Microsoft Office, internet and email

Qualifications / Experience:
• Bachelor’s Degree in any fields
• 1-2 year experience in coordination field and event planning.
• Good in communication and negotiation skills.
• Good in Ms. Excel and Word.
• Calm under pressure with a good service Mind and team player
• Problem-Solving Skills

Interested candidates are invited to write Letter of Introduction, explaining why you are qualified for the position and why you want to work for YAPPIKA-ActionAid. Send it along with your CV to email : office@yappika-actionaid.or.id with subyek email ‘’City Coordinator Surabaya’’ No latter than 28 August 2020.