Direct Supervisor : F2F National Coordinator
Direct Report : F2F Admin City

Works with : Public Campaigners, Team Leaders, F2F Operation Officer, F2F Event and Venue Management Officer
Location : Yogyakarta

Position Summary:

This role is to recruit, team management, set goals, site management bookings and strategy for the F2F team operation in Yogyakarta. The person in this role will spend 50% of their working hours in Fundraiser venue site, dealing with mall management, working with Team Leaders and Fundraisers in the site on a daily basis.

Key Performance Areas and Main Responsibilities:

F2F Team City Performance:
• Ensure the new committed donors goals in the city are 100% achieved each month and it reflects in achieving Sign Up/day target for the City. The City Coordinator will be evaluated every 3 months, if she/he fails to deliver targets, City Coordinator will get opportunity for the next 3 (three) following months. If still not achieving the target, City Coordinator will be in warning periods that can cause demotion for the continuous fail in an agreed timeline.
• Ensure the quality of the result is below 20% attrition rate in every month
• Ensure the staff quota are meeting their objectives in the recruitment plan agreed with F2F Coordinator

2. Staff Recruitment:

• Planning, implementing and monitoring recruitment plan to meet team quota objectives
• Perform interview process to challenge and recruit good candidates and filter out weak candidates
• Perform group presentation or one on one interview to hired the quality staff

3. Staff and Leadership Development:
• Hiring suitable staff based on the objectives and qualification requirement
• Reinforcing standards and expectations regularly and setting objectives for performance with each staff person and giving feedback on the performance
• Reviewing team performance on a daily and weekly basis and create action plan to help staff to boost up their performance
• Develop and facilitate team meetings and Team Leaders meeting agenda to provide program updates, performance review, build team morale, motivating staff and any organizational issues
• Develop and manage team motivation regularly to ensure the motivation of the team are in the