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History of YAPPIKA

The embryo of YAPPIKA has started since 1991 with the formation of the Indonesia-Canada Friendship Foundation (YAPIKA) or the Indonesia-Canada Forum (ICF). The role of YAPIKA at the time was as an institution that channeled funds to nonprofit organizations in Indonesia. The management of YAPIKA is collective among the Indonesian and Canadian nonprofit organizations.

In 1997, YAPIKA transformed into an Indonesian institution and increased its roles to build the capacity of non-profit organizations in Indonesia, conduct national policy advocacy on certain issues that become its focus of attention. YAPIKA’s name was changed to the Foundation for Strengthening Participation, Initiative and Partnerships of the Indonesian Society (YAPPIKA).

In 2016, YAPPIKA becomes the member of the ActionAid International Federation. ActionAid is a federation of non-profit organizations whose members are non-profit organizations in 45 countries. YAPPIKA-ActionAid has intersecting missions, namely the fight against poverty and injustice. The mission is carried out together with the community.