Irfan, a Teacher-to-be from an Almost Collapsed School

“I want to be a teacher, I want to share knowledge with the students”

Among many options of professions, Irfan (9) is aspired to be a teacher. To become an unsung hero. However, the way to achieve his aspiration is not easy. Irfan has to study in a classroom that is almost collapsed with cavities in all over its roof and wall.

His full name is Muhammad Irfansyah. Irfan is a 4th grade student of Sampang Elementary School in Serang District, Banten Province. Because it takes 30 minutes for Irfan to walk to the school, his parents decides to use the shuttle facilities provided by the school. During the new students enrollment, the school also reimburses the transportation fare for the parents. Luxury? Not at all.

All these facilities are an attempt by the school so that parents still want to send their children to the Sampang Elementary School amid the damages that occurs in almost all parts of the classrooms. In the 4th grade, Irfan learns only with his four friends. The total number of students in the Sampang Elementary School is 45 children. They even do not have students in the 6th grade.

The lack of elementary school students in Sampang becomes the reason why the Education Office of Serang District turns a blind eye. The government does not care about Irfan who is worried that his school would collapse when the rain comes with strong winds. Irfan’s conscience does not mean anything.

“If suddenly the school collapses, we will no longer have school”

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Should the school be a gamble of life and death?