Masnun Wants to Stay in School!

Masnun is worried that he can no longer go to school if the frail school building collapses. Even worse, the school building could also threaten his life. Every day. For the next 4 years.

Masnun (7) is a 2nd grade student of Sampang Elementary School in Serang District, Banten Province. In addition to a required 30-minute walk, Masnun also uses the shuttle facilities provided by the school. Two years ago, the school even provided transportation fares to Masnun’s and other new students’ parents. With an extremely inadequate school building, the school has sought various ways to “persuade” parents. Nonetheles, the total number of students in the Sampang Elementary School has remained little, only 45 students.

Masnun feels uncomfortable, “the school is dirty, leaky, and stinky.” Moreover, Masnun feels unsafe, “I am afraid if it collapses,” he said.

Masnun is worried because the ceilings in one of the classrooms in the Sampang Elementary School have collapsed before. Fortunately, there was no casualty at the time. However, that makes the Education Office of Serang District still turns a blind eye. The danger has not been proven if there are no casualties or injuries.

Masnun really wants his school to be repaired. Still, Masnun is not brave enough to say it to the principal, let alone to the government far away. However, one thing is certain, Masnun wants to stay in school. Masnun still wants to pursue his dream: becoming a police officer.

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Should the school be a gamble of life and death?